Expansion of the AmChams in Europe network: Welcoming AmCham Uzbekistan and AmCham Kyrgyz Republic as Observer Members


The AmChams in Europe network is pleased to announce a significant and exciting expansion. We proudly welcome two new Observing Members, AmCham Uzbekistan and AmCham Kyrgyz Republic, into our fold. This latest development marks a crucial and forward-looking step in fostering collaboration and facilitating the exchange of best practices between diverse international business communities.


We warmly welcome AmCham Uzbekistan, represented by Tatyana Bystrushkina, and AmCham Kyrgyz Republic, led by Aisuluu Sydygalieva!

Adding these two dynamic Chambers of Commerce to the AmChams in Europe network demonstrates our commitment to strengthening international business relationships and fostering an environment of collaborative learning. In a rapidly evolving global economic landscape, such strategic partnerships drive innovation, share expertise, and promote sustainable economic development.


We look forward to leveraging the insights and experience that AmCham Uzbekistan and AmCham Kyrgyz Republic bring to the table. This expansion enriches the collective knowledge of our network, enabling us to meet the challenges and opportunities of the modern business world with renewed vigor and adaptability.