AmChams in Europe Gears Up for Annual Best Practice Sharing Conference in Athens, Greece


With the Best Practice Sharing Conference only five weeks away, the AmChams in Europe network prepares for its highly anticipated annual Best Practice Sharing Conference; the stage is set for a dynamic fusion of business leaders. This year’s event, scheduled for September 27 to 29, 2023, in the enchanting city of Athens, Greece, promises to be a nexus of insight, innovation, and worldwide collaboration.

Hosted by AmCham Greece, the conference aims to provide a forum for prominent AmCham Teams and  AmCham Presidents to engage in spirited discussions about pivotal business matters and explore the evolving role of the American Chambers of Commerce in the contemporary global business scene.

Renowned for its historical significance and vibrant culture, Athens provides a fitting backdrop for this gathering of influential minds. Against this canvas, attendees will partake in diverse sessions, workshops, and dialogues designed to spark fresh perspectives and invigorate strategic thinking.

The conference’s agenda boasts an impressive lineup of distinguished experts, thought leaders, and industry pioneers who will share their insights on topics ranging from technological transformation to sustainable practices in the business world.

Moreover, the conference will hold the 60th Anniversary of AmChams in Europe, a momentous occasion to celebrate the network’s six decades of fostering transatlantic partnerships and driving economic growth. To mark this milestone, a special ceremony is planned to honor the history and accomplishments of the AmChams in Europe community.

The event will feature the Creative Network awards ceremony as an added highlight. This recognition seeks to acknowledge and applaud innovative initiatives that have positively impacted business and society. These awards testify to the ingenuity and collaborative spirit of the AmChams in Europe network.

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