Founded in 1963, AmChams in Europe brings together 50 American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) from 48 countries in Europe and Eurasia. 

We speak for more than 17,000 American and European companies that provide jobs for a staggering 20 million people. Together, these 1.1 trillion are both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

American and European companies
million workers
trillion $ in investment

Our goal is simple but powerful: 

We want to create and support a network of AmChams all over Europe and Eurasia. What does that mean? It means we help these AmChams share their best ideas and practices.

  • We are on a quest to establish a robust reputation for the “AmCham” brand across Europe and the U.S., aiming to make it exceptionally strong.
  • We provide a space for people to talk, discuss, and even argue about things that matter to businesses in Europe and across the Atlantic. We are like a prominent meeting place for meaningful conversations.

But that is not all. 

  • We want everyone to understand how crucial the transatlantic economy is. That is the economy that connects Europe and the United States. 
  • And lastly, we are like the voice for U.S. investors in Europe and European companies putting their money in the U.S. We make sure someone is speaking up for them when needed.