The Voice of American and European Companies

AmChams in Europe is the umbrella organization representing 50 American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) in 48 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia. This collaborative effort underscores the important economic relationship between the United States and Europe, where both entities are each other’s largest trading partners and represent the world’s largest and most prosperous market.

Within Europe, our organization supports the interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies. These businesses collectively employ over 20 million people and contribute a significant amount, more than $1.1 trillion, in investment on both sides of the Atlantic. As the bilateral voice of American and European businesses, AmChams in Europe passionately communicates the transatlantic economy’s vital role in Europe and the United States.

American and European companies
million workers
trillion $ in investment
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With a strong presence in 48 countries, AmChams in Europe is the continent’s largest network of international chambers of commerce. This extensive network is a strategic tool for businesses seeking to develop opportunities in key European markets. Using this extensive reach, we encourage companies to proactively engage with individual AmChams to provide a platform for developing and expanding their endeavors.