The 10th ACE CREATIVE NETWORK AWARD 2023 won by AmCham Ukraine


We would like to congratulate AmCham Ukraine for their remarkable achievement in winning the 2023 Creative Network Award. This prestigious award symbolises not only their outstanding creativity, but also the values of friendship and peace. Historically, this years award has been given to Olympic champions, reflecting the spirit of unity and harmony synonymous with the Olympic Games.

The ACE Creative Network Award was established in 2014 as a way for AmChams to share creative efforts and projects for the benefit of AmChams across the ACE network, with the goal of encouraging the sharing of new ideas. Creative Network Award is all about best practice sharing and this year AmChams across Europe and Eurasia selected the 10th ACE Creative Network Award winner.

Four AmChams presented their innovative projects:

AmCham Hungary: Business Services Sector Project

AmCham Romania: Roundtable with SOEs on Corporate Governance

AmCham Turkiye: Digital Academy

AmCham Ukraine: Continuity amid Crisis: How to steer AmCham through Country’s Hardship

Three criteria were relevant for the voting Chambers:

value of the project for AmChams,

value for the respective countries,

and how adaptable the project is.

All four AmChams presented excellent project; three can be easily implemented anywhere, but for the winning project everyone hopes nobody will have to do it.  AmCham Ukraine manages to help their country and people with unimaginable bravery. 

AmCham Hungary’s Business Services Sector Project aims to promote the growth of companies and their expansion plans, stressing the significance of cooperation to achieve collective progress.

The project organizes job fairs and works closely with the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency. It unites 32 firms in the Business Services Sector (BSS) community, highlighting the idea of aiding competitors’ development for the advantage of one’s own advancement.

AmCham Romania’s Roundtable with State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) on Corporate Governance commenced in 2018 through a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Justice. The aim of this initiative is to conduct productive roundtable discussions with SOEs, with three key purposes: firstly, to be proactive in advocating meaningful change; secondly, to demonstrate steadfast commitment; and thirdly, to take a leadership role in addressing issues regarding corporate governance.

Over time, AmCham Romania has established itself as the leading organization for overseeing corporate governance in the country, receiving considerable prominence and honors, including recognition from the OECD. This initiative exemplifies a prime instance of successful teamwork between the government and the business sector.

AmCham Turkey: Digital Academy was established in response to the February 2023 earthquake, with the primary goal of supporting people in the affected regions by promoting digital literacy. The academy provides a comprehensive and easily accessible learning platform, along with a mentorship programme and active engagement with both the community and industry stakeholders. Thanks to this initiative, the local community has benefitted greatly, ensuring that young people were able to continue their studies without interruption while remaining safe at home.

AmCham Ukraine: Continuity amid Crisis: How to steer AmCham through Country’s Hardship

Despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the country is committed to supporting its businesses. AmCham, in collaboration with its networks in the EU and the USA, is actively amplifying the voices of Ukrainian businesses. This effort includes conducting surveys to assess the business landscape during wartime conditions. In the face of adversity, Ukraine’s resilience serves as an inspiring example.

To successfully steer through these challenging times, it’s essential to possess a contingency plan, sturdy security measures, a prominent presence, and a strong appeal for backing. A coherent and precisely defined strategy, combined with the creation of an outstanding team, are also pivotal factors in guaranteeing business continuity and triumph.