AmChams in Europe continues to stand with and support the people of Ukraine


AmChams in Europe continues to stand with and support the people of Ukraine and our colleagues at AmCham Ukraine, who have already endured months of escalating devastation since the war broke out. We still support and stand behind the Joint statement we published in February. In the spring, united in solidarity, AmChams in Europe network raised more than €40,000 in financial aid and donated it to our colleagues.

As winter and hard times are coming, three AmChams (AmCham EU, AmCham Slovenia, and AmCham Slovakia) have again joined to raise € 8000.

In the meantime, several independent initiatives have been organized by AmChams to help Ukraine. Some of which are highlighted below.

AmCham Ireland has played their part in standing with Ukraine since the start of the invasion – including promoting several charitable causes in their weekly e-zine, entitled “AmCham Continues to Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine” and reaching out to companies to support Ukraine with emergency energy equipment, fuels or tools.

Similarly, AmCham Estonia has also been raising money and donating throughout the year. They have a special “Business4Ukraine” group under the chamber umbrella, and many of their members help directly and share their stories and best practices. In November, they raised 6,100 EUR at their Member Dinner and transferred the total amount to United24 Fund by President Zelensky. They point out that AmCham Estonia will continue with their fundraising and hopes to be able to support their colleagues in Ukraine in the nearest future.

In November 2022, AmCham Norway raised $12k for Ukrainian refugee assistance via NRC during their annual Thanksgiving Charity Dinner.

Besides the funds’ donations, AmChams also directly helped the staff and team members by either welcoming them to their offices (AmCham EU) or providing assistance in other areas. In this regard, many personal stories evolved. AmCham Hungary, for example, supported and helped with medical care and collecting other necessities for an AmCham Ukraine Team member, expecting twins. 

AmChams in Europe is and will continue to the best of their abilities, raising funds or otherwise supporting the people of Ukraine affected by the ongoing conflict.