AmChams in Europe members are actively participating in the Empower Her initiative


EMPOWER HER is in partnership with the AmCham EU and the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration (ITA), meant to bolster direct engagement by businesses to promote actionable steps to advance women s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. Below are the Empower Her featured events of AmChams that were launched in November 2022.

On November 3, 2022, AmCham Azerbaijan participated in the “Launch of the Women’s National Business Agenda (WNBA) for Women’s Economic Empowerment” event hosted by USAID (PSA), where they announced the launch of the EmpowerHer initiative in Azerbaijan. Read more HERE.

On November 10, 2022, AmCham Estonia, in cooperation with the U.S. Commercial Service, launched its “Women in Leadership event” with a special announcement of the #EmpowerHer Initiative. The event was devoted to DRIVING CHANGE as concerns sustainable fashion design and industrial upcycling and to emphasize the role each one of us can play in minimizing waste. Read more HERE.

On November 10, 2022, AmCham Slovakia, under the umbrella of the #Empowerher Initiative, organized the European Equal Pay Day event. The “Empower Women: From Financial Independence to Sustainable Future” conference was held with the aim to discuss the importance of financial independence of women to focus on the reasons behind the gender pay gap as women in the EU are still paid 14% less on average per hour than men, to reflect on the steps that can be made, learn to invest with a positive impact or start own business, on the support of female investors and entrepreneurs and provided recommendations for both genders. The European Commission marks November 10 as the symbolic day after which women work for free until the end of the year. Read more HERE.

North Macedonia
AmCham North Macedonia is excited t share that already 23 members have signed the EmpowerHer declaration. They have expressed excitement over signing the Declaration by posting the group photo of the member signatories of Empower Her Declaration that was taken during their General Assembly held on November 22, 2022. They hope that the photo they shared on social media and thus spreading the word about Empower Her will also encourage other AmCham member companies to join the Empower Her initiative and make it a part of their organizational culture to support women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship. Read more HERE.