Warmest Congratulations to All AmChams and AmChams in Europe on the Occasion of the 4th of July!


4th of July

On this momentous day, we extend our sincere wishes for a joyous celebration fostering transatlantic relationships, embracing freedom and peace. The United States’ Independence Day reminds us of the remarkable journey towards liberty and justice, and we applaud the significant contributions made by AmChams in Europe and AmChams around the globe in strengthening economic and cultural ties between nations.

May this festive occasion bring renewed commitment to peace, unity, and collaboration. As we commemorate the birth of a nation founded on fundamental principles, let us reaffirm our dedication to promoting understanding and cooperation across boarders.

Together, AmChams and their members have played a vital role in nurturing transatlantic bonds, fostering prosperity, and shaping a harmonious global landscape. 

We join you in celebrating this special day, honoring the shared values that bind us together. May the spirit of freedom and friendship prevail, inspiring a brighter future for all. Wishing you a memorable and meaningful 4th of July, filled with unity, peace, and joy!