AmChams in Europe Signs the EMPOWER HER Declaration


On Monday, May 9, during the AmChams in Europe 2022 U.S. Conference, the CEO of AmCham EU and Chair of AmChams in Europe, Susan Danger, and Deputy Under Secretary of International Trade Administration (ITA), Diane Farrell signed the EMPOWER HER Declaration to announce the organizations’ partnership for the empowerment of women in business. The collaborative initiative with ITA aims to empower women in trade on both sides of the Atlantic as the partners firmly believe women’s advancement is vital to maximizing economic opportunity and growth.

Building on the U.S. administration’s National Gender Strategy, the initiative seeks ways to reinforce the message of equity to impact attaining the goal of gender equality in the economic sphere. Many companies operating as part of the AmChams in Europe network already implement programs and initiatives that advance these goals. With the official launch of EMPOWER HER initiative, the partnering organizations bind themselves to facilitate the spread of these ideas and best practices, calling on companies to remain leaders of diversity, inclusion, and corporate social responsibility in the global economy.

Goals of the initiative

  • Advancing women’s economic empowerment and gender equality in international trade.
  • Urging U.S. and European companies to diversify their workplace and support women-owned businesses
  • Improving tools and services for women¬†
  • Increasing awareness for female entrepreneurs of trade, investment, and export-related services.

You can access the official website of the initiative and sign the Declaration of Support for Women’s Economic Empowerment.