“We Need to Be Vocal and Speak Up with the Truth”


AmChams in Europe Met With Andy Hunder, President of AmCham Ukraine

AmChams in Europe (ACE), a network of 46 AmChams from 44 countries, stands for solidarity with the people of Ukraine and continues to speak out for the fundamental values of human dignity, democracy, rule of law, and solidarity.

Yesterday, the AmChams in Europe network met with Andy Hunder, President of AmCham Ukraine. Along with other members of the AmCham Ukraine staff, he shared with us his views on the depths of the humanitarian crisis, stressing the importance of communication, which can facilitate the spread of information and protect against propaganda.

The President of AmCham Ukraine stressed the importance of staying vocal and urged everybody to speak up. He expressed his concerns of false propaganda, as independent media houses have been shut down in Russia, and protests have been violently broken down. He added: “We must do everything possible for  Russian citizens to stay well-informed about the realities of war, as they have the power to stop this brutal regime sooner than anyone else.” Here, the citizens can be crucially helped by multinationals to protect from Russian propaganda, and facilitate communication and truth to be spread inside Russia. He welcomed that many companies are stopping their operations in Russia. As the ICC in The Hague launches investigation into Russian war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine he called on all multinational businesses in Russia to speak up now. “How will you justify in future why you kept silent and did nothing to stop the killing of innocent civilians,” he said.

When asked about the possible outcomes, the AmCham President asserted “We firstly need the shelling and bombing to stop. We need to be vocal and share the truth with our members, and urge them to not associate themselves with a pariah Putin regime.” He urged those who are willing to help to donate to internationally recognized charities like Red Cross and Caritas to provide aid.

Member companies have offered significant help They thanked all efforts that ensured the availability of internet in Ukraine, with a special emphasis on Starlink provided by SpaceX. Providing the means for communication is one of the core priorities. Some companies help with humanitarian aid, with the agricultural sector playing a significant role to provide food through production, and setting up distribution centers.

Finally, the AmCham Ukraine Team thanked everyone for providing support and demonstrating their willingness to help, reasserting: “We do not know how long this will go on, but in times like this we appreciate the AmCham family.”