Fostering vital discussions among AmCham members

Welcome to our network, where open discussions on global issues intersect with the pulse of our business communities. Three pillars — Advocacy, Communication, and Membership — are at the heart of our mission.

Our Thematic Groups serve as dynamic platforms for collaborative knowledge-sharing and collective action. Each group delves into crucial topics important to its focus area, inviting participation from members across all AmChams.

Our Advocacy Group, co-coordinated by Elke Roelant, Deputy Executive Director of AmCham The Netherlands, and Françoise Soudaz, External Relations Manager of AmCham EU, ensure impactful policy initiatives. To engage with this group, contact Elke at or Françoise at

The Group’s discussions in 2024 will center on national-level stakeholder engagement strategies and analyzing the 2024 EU election results.

Our Communication Group, coordinated by Daniel Kiryakov, Communications and Public Affairs Manager of AmCham Bulgaria, ensures effective dissemination of information and messaging. Connect with Daniel at to contribute to our communication efforts.

The Group will focus  on The Transatlantic Economy and its communication through AmChams, both internally among members and externally through media and events. Additionally, there will be a focus on combating disinformation and exploring the opportunities, challenges, adaptation, and engagement of AmCham communication in the Digital and AI Era.

Led by Gregor Hočevar, AmCham Slovenia’s Membership Manager, our Membership Group drives community growth and engagement strategies. For involvement in membership-related initiatives, reach out to Gregor at

The group will delve into exploring diverse revenue streams (membership fees, sponsorship, event revenue, and business services) and address finance-related matters, tackling membership challenges, including managing member requests to cancel after deadlines and devising effective solutions and evaluating CRM systems and implementing best practices for managing accounts, invoices, and communications.