AmChams in Europe announces the U.S. Delegation to Washington, D.C. and Miami


The US and Europe are each other’s largest trading partners and comprise the world’s largest and wealthiest market.

AmChams in Europe annually organizes a U.S. Conference, where American Chambers (AmChams) executives meet with companies, organizations, and governmental agencies in Washington D.C. and relevant U.S. cities or regions. These visits aim to increase awareness of AmChams in Europe, strengthen partnerships, and gain insight into the current U.S. business and political landscape.

AmChams in Europe (ACE) is thrilled to announce its annual U.S. Conference in Washington, D.C. and Miami. From April 22-26, 2024, ACE CEOs and representatives from the American Chambers of Commerce will share perspectives with political and economic decision-makers, visit government institutions, and explore corporate headquarters. These interactions will foster meaningful exchanges not only concerning the transatlantic economy and trade, but also regarding current political developments.