The Chair Woman of ACE becomes Susan Danger, AmCham EU

We are pleased to announce that Susan Danger has been appointed Chair of the Executive Committee of AmChams in Europe Organization. Ms. Danger, the CEO of AmCham EU, will take on her new role by succeeding Patrick Mikkelsen, CEO of AmCham the Netherlands, whose four-year mandate has come to an end.

The elections held in December 2019 brought another new addition to the Executive Committee when Mark Redmond, Chief Executive of AmCham Ireland, joined as a new Member-at-large.

The Managing Director of AmCham Sweden, Peter Dahlen, was re-elected as Member-at-large and will continue his mission to further develop a network among AmChams in Europe and ensure the exchange of best practice among the member organizations.

Meet Susan Danger, AmCham EU


Ms. Danger has been a valuable member of AmCham EU for 25 years and is far from unfamiliar with occupying a high role within the Executive Committee, having previously served as Vice-Chair of the organization. Originally from London, Ms. Danger is a graduate of the University of Bath, UK, with a BA in European Studies, French, and German. Ms. Danger has accumulated vast international experience having worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Australia, and is fluent in 5 languages. She began her career in marketing and communications, and since joining the AmChams in Europe community, she strives to reinforce Transatlantic cooperation and encourage entrepreneurship. Susan was named by POLITICO as one of the top 20 women influencers in Brussels in 2016 and specializes in trade, investment, and competitiveness issues.