How to Increase Trust in Business?


Many future-oriented businesses are implementing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards to give back to their local communities, ensure their development, and build trust-oriented organizations.

The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) and AmChams in Europe launched the Promoting Trust in Business Initiative to shed light on the best examples of how companies operating in Eastern and Southeastern Europe are putting ESG principles into practice and enhancing their operations to build trust with local communities.

In the scope of the Initiative, we launched an E-brochure of eight case studies, selected among the 30 companies and organizations that submitted their projects from 10 countries. The brochure includes detailed examples of how companies and organizations increased the trust they enjoy from their local communities by engaging in sustainable practice and giving back to society.

More About the Initiative:

More than 30 companies and organizations from 10 countries participated and submitted their projects. The initiative highlights eight outstanding projects from the following companies and organizations, spanning five countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine).

More about the creators of the initiative:

CIPE is an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and it works with local partners worldwide to craft business-driven solutions to socio-economic problems that affect millions of people. CIPE helps create the enabling environment for business to thrive and is driven by the belief that democracy is at its strongest when the private sector is flourishing. Including its current programs on trust in business, corrosive and constructive capital, and anti-corruption, CIPE has more than 200 projects in over 80 countries, with the main focus on emerging markets. Read more HERE.

AmChams in Europe is an umbrella organization uniting 46 American Chambers of Commerce in 44 countries in Europe and Western Asia. As a bilateral voice of American and European companies, the organization communicates the importance of the transatlantic economy, which facilitates over 20 million jobs around the globe and accounts for over $11 trillion in investment. Read more HERE.