Launched in 2014, the ACE Creative Network Award serves as a way to encourage American Chambers of Commerce (AmCham) to actively contribute and share their creative initiatives and projects. The award seeks to enhance the collective knowledge and innovation within the ACE network by fostering an environment of collaboration and idea exchange. By highlighting and acknowledging the efforts of AmChams, the award aims to inspire others in the network to adopt innovative approaches, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the entire ACE community.

AmChams in Europe Creative Network Award Winners

2023 Winner: AmCham Ukraine: Continuity amid Crisis: How to steer AmCham through Country’s Hardship

AmCham Ukraine has achieved a significant milestone by being named the winner of the 2023 AmChams in Europe (ACE) Creative Network Award. The recognition is attributed to their outstanding efforts in maintaining continuity amidst the crisis caused by Russia's invasion, exemplified by their leadership in running AmCham in wartime Ukraine. Throughout this challenging period, AmCham Ukraine has remained steadfast in its mission to amplify the voice of resilient businesses, foster opportunities, and support companies' involvement in Ukraine's recovery. The team's unwavering commitment and exemplary performance during these trying times underscore the importance of unity and resilience. The acknowledgment among 47 European countries is a testament to their dedication, and they pledge to continue supporting members and creating business opportunities throughout the ongoing conflict and post-war period.
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2022: AmCham Slovenia – "I'm a Teacher!"

"I'm a teacher!": The initiative highlights the vital importance of teachers, as they play an essential role in shaping young people and, thus, the future. It also presents teachers who feel that their work is their calling, are passionate about it, are committed to bringing out the best in their students, and can become role models for future generations of teachers. AmCham Slovenia set up a dedicated website to share teachers’ stories, innovative ideas, and experiences, providing others with a model of best practices. They are forming a community where teachers can be addressed by important guests and educated about topical issues....
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2021: AmCham Croatia - Boardroom Discussions: Digital Transformation from CEO Perspective.

Boardroom Discussions: Digital Transformation from CEO Perspective is a program that brings together CEOs, General Managers, and Board Members of AmCham member companies to facilitate an effective digitalization process. The discussions are attended by IT leaders and top management consulting companies that advise on the operational steps of digitalization. The program helps business leaders reform their business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.
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2020: AmCham Ukraine – Leadership in Times of Crisis

Leadership in Times of Crisis is a project, that consists of CNN format online AmCham branded video interviews between the AmCham Executive Director and the CEOs of member companies to discuss the new realities of work, the challenges to leadership and management, and how to help local communities during the crisis. The project delivered a range of inspiring stories and facts shared through social media, which provided helpful tips, insights, and personal experience to the broader public.
Leadership in Times of Crisis

2019: AmCham Belgium – Member's Monday

#MemberMonday is innovative and professional social media video campaign aimed at profiling different individuals from AmCham member companies. Goals for the project include:
  • Create a sense of community amongst current members.
  • Serve as a marketing tool for AmCham by showcasing the strength of the Chamber’s network and the breadth of its activities.
  • Promote engagement with AmCham as the best way to take advantage of membership.
  • Show the diversity of the people involved with AmCham's activities and modernize the Chamber’s image.
  • Make the Chamber more personable and relatable.

2018: BritishAmerican Business (BAB) – Finding your Way

Finding Your Way: The Trade and Investment Guides to the UK/U.S. is BAB way of offering a point of reference for all those who want to make the step across the Atlantic, as well as supporting the growth of those who have already done so. Here, you will learn about what, how and where your business can enjoy what the UK and U.S. have to offer. From guidance, to the leading industries and growth regions in each country, to practical advice on issues you need to consider, these publications are a must-read for any company with transatlantic ambitions.
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2017: AmCham EU – Invested in Europe – Our Stories

Along with creating jobs, developing infrastructure and driving innovation, American companies are also committed to investing in people and communities. From social and educational programs, to research and development, to environmental and health initiatives, these investments and their social impact are tangible examples of the positive role US businesses play in Europe.
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2016: AmCham Slovenia - Partnership for Change

The Partnership for Change is a program of innovative cooperation between employees in Slovenia’s public and private sectors whose aim is to transmit and use good ideas, practices, and useful solutions, and facilitate exchanges between employees. It is a program in which people employed in civil service and in business together push boundaries, break down stereotypes, and create positive stories to prove that cooperation between the government and the private sector can work in a different and innovative way.
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2015: AmCham Romania – Coalition ort he Development of Romania (CDR)

Coaliția pentru Dezvoltarea României is a private, non-political initiative, gathering the most representative organizations for the business environment in Romania. It is constructed as a formal collaborative arrangement by its combined membership, all of which have good standing as organizations in Romania. The Coalition’s main purpose is to provide a cohesive basis for consultation with the Government and other public institutions on topics that impact the business and economic climate in Romania.
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2014: AmCham Ireland - Social Impact Database Project