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AmCham Executives Gather in Ireland for Annual Conference

October 11, 2017
AmChams in Europe

On October 11-13, executives from 30 AmChams in Europe gathered in Dublin, Ireland for the annual European conference, devoted to the sharing of best practices and knowledge exchange.

This conference was part of the 2 annual gatherings organized by the European Council of American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams in Europe).

AmCham Executives Visit Washington DC and Boston

May 12, 2017
AmChams in Europe

On May 8 – 12, executives from AmChams in Europe gathered in the United States to engage with companies, organizations and key government agencies in order to strengthen partnerships and gain insight into the current U.S. business and political climate.

Representatives from 33 AmChams participated in the annual conference, which took place in Washington DC and Boston, Massachusetts.